Cartographies of Latin American University City I

“From the most ancient images to the most modern, the line serves as a central figure in the representation of time.”

— Daniel Rosenberg and Anthony Grafton, 2010 [i]

The proposed paper will explain, through an applied example, the pedagogical and communicative interest of a way of graphing history, the timeline. It will delve in the process, objectives and benefits of this device as research, teaching and visualization tool applied to the history of Latin American University City, in particular on three urban far-reaching examples: Mexico DF (Mexico), Caracas (Venezuela) and São Paulo (Brasil).

The simultaneity of the three examples of University Cities can show, deductively,  the global overview of Latin American University City in those metropolies  where the urban growth –as the present case, Mexico DF, Caracas and São Paulo- was linked to infrastructure.

[i] Daniel Rosenberg and Anthony Grafton. Cartographies of Time. (New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2010) 14

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