Lina Bo Bardi IOO


Technische Universität München. Architekturmuseum • Pinakothek der Moderne

When Lina Bo Bardi is remembered we usually think only about her built work but she was more else: a lot of years, places and creative atmospheres where she opened new ways of creating; she replanted and rethought about all the imaginative skills with an exceptional thought and an energetic intellectual-encourage.
The limits of her creative universe ―formed during the European Avant Garde― disappeared when she travelled to Brazil to live in Sao Paulo in nineteen forty seven; then a new age of reflection and intense create appeared, with new criterias and priorities ―which are still current and necessary nowadays.
The first time somebody talked to me about Lina Bo Bardi was in two thousand and four ―I was still a student― during an university staing in Argentina, then I took a bus to Sao Paulo to visit the MASP. Later and as a surprise, I met an exhibition about her called «Lina Bo, Architteto» in Ca´Pesaro in Venice; at that moment I discovered the meaning of the objects she created. After that moment the fascination on her work came and I started a deep research ―that became in my Doctoral Thesis later― about her way of understanding architecture and world. I travelled to Rome and from there I went to Milan trying to discover in those places her biography, her writings and her vital trajectory.
Later, when I was thinking that I was an expert on her work, I decided to travel to Brazil ―I was thirty one, the same age that Lina was when she travelled to Brazil firstly― and follow the same steps she followed, I visited the same Brazilian destinations ―and in the same order― that she loved so much: Rio da Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador da Bahia and the rest of the Northeast of Brazil, and finally Uberlandia.
Repeating the words of our protagonist, «Brazil is free of prejudices and Occidental academicism, Brazil doesn´t have a canonic and cultural tradition but Brazil is another thing, it is spontaneity and a bit of fullness too» but for Lina, that fullness was really beauty and I wanted to take part of that fullness too.
I invite you to share this travel with me to review some of the keys of this passionate and sensible architect, who lived without rendition although all of the problems she found in the world she had to live but, finally, she got to be the most brave maker of ways of Modernity and she converted her professional work in a positive opportunity to reflect and open new ways for architecture. Bo Bardi linked our profession with the social problems of the moment ―very similar to the current ones― design, arts craft, art and participation. She changed the way of understand architecture and she changed the way of understand Brazil in the world. So, let’s travel and (re)visit, together the Brazil of Lina Bo Bardi.



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