Universidad Anahuac, Mexico

Bobardian Play

This proposed imagination travel through some projects of Lina Bo Bardi in Brazil tries to analyze a kind of architecture where dwells game which allows the relationship with others and learning, and that spreads in multiple aspects as: didactics, culture, aesthetic exploration and collective communication.

This “micro-workshop” begins with a brief tour over objects created by different authors who used the game as an exploring instrument.

After this perspective, we continue with Lina Bo Bardi — architect— and her social work that comes from her life experience, with a clear vocation of teaching; and then, from this new dimension, we analyze actions as a design mechanism used by the architect.

We mean actions as inductors of community links.

From these premises four collective toys: “Le Pocholón”, ”Dodecahedron” the “Small train of carts” and the “Large Mechanical Cow” are chosen and they inhabited one of the public spaces of the city of São Paulo, the center of leisure, culture and sports SESC Pompeia; with a double object: to show that the idea of toys and games are precursors of the complex bobardian work and secondly, to present these objects from the didactic and Communicator role as inhabitants of these architectures.

Dimensional objects in the work of Lina Bo Bardi are confronted and understood as collective toys, and we discover the arguments that justify this definition. The investigation is carried out from the comparison of its architectural programs; always starting from the original sketches by Lina Bo Bardi and finalizing the study with verification in contemporary reality.

Collective actions, by which users are involved in public spaces where objects inhabit, participate in a playful spirit. Her work will make public fully when the observer is included and become creator. Architecture is not a utopia for Lina but means of achieving certain collective objectives.

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