Objets and Collective Actions of Lina Bo Bardi

The complex creative work of Lina Bo Bardi is a response to European modernity from Brazil, differentiating itself from other works in the new expressive tools used and in the importance of collectiveness in public spaces. Her work can really be seen when the user is involved and becomes a creator, and for this purpose Lina relies on all the means within her reach, from architecture and exhibitions to theatrical designs and other
mass media.
Her idea of public spaces is a consequence of her life experience, stemming from a clear didactic vocation, and leading her to attempt to teach others how to observe and act upon the reality of the world around them and transform it.
For Lina, architecture is not a utopia but a tool to achieve certain collective aims.
Following her trip to Brazil in 1946, the creative universo of Lina Bo Bardi expanded its
limits. After moving to São Paulo one year later, she began a new stage in her life of reflection and intense creation with new criteria and priorities.
Craftsmanship, design, and architectural production were all reconsidered and rethought, but always combining her creativity and intellectual courage.
A complete analysis of the work of Lina Bo Bardi leads to the discovery of the existence of certain objects she created on her own providing elemental answers to some of her own
vital questions.
These objects are linked to some of her public spaces. The premise for this doctoral thesis was the selection of four of these objects and four of the public spaces they inhabited,and attempt to use them to verify the authenticity overlap between objects, actions and architecture.


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