Keys: Women in Architecture

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My life and professional career is a part of a “trip with many stops”. Today I´d like to share with you three of those pauses that are a part of a way to see the world for me. The Mexican Octavio Paz said: “Trips and literature are not so opposite, even we could say that literature is an inner journey around our room or around our conscience. A different world view can help us in our own vision. The great discovery of the modern man is, that man are men. There are many human types, each culture is a different vision of the world and none is absolute probably, but each of these visions helps us to understand ours better. If we know better each other, we know better ourselves, because always we are others. When we travel we discover the overlapping between architecture and society, we discover the generosity of the anonymous architecture, the silence of the architecture that refuses to be commercialized or the concern of so many other disciplines around the problems that we believe exclusive of our vocation. The reflection that I propose is to bring here these different ways of looking our profession, the ways I´ve looked for our profession.



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