Lina Bo Bardi and the Mystery of the Ordinary

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This text tries to re-discover the work of the Italian–Brazilian architect, Lina Bo Bardi, through certain irrational ideas to think about a key question: where is the mystery of the ordinary in her architecture? We´ll get close to different bobardian narrations. First, her work as a production designer in the Office Theatre for the play Ubu. Folias, Physicas, Pataphysicas and Musicals, in which Lina Bo Bardi reveals certain similarities between her creative process, the Dadaism and Surrealism; then we decipher those key concepts in the targeted avant-garde which show the symmetry between surrealism and creative action bobardiana; secondly we will decode certain objects designed by Lina Bo Bardi understood as the result of a metamorphosis of the spaces in which they lived and spatial atmospheres as an “Space Symphony” and finally, we will conclude that the result of all of these bobardiana narrations are the ins and outs of Bo Bardi´s work, understood as the superposition of discursive levels that intertwine and form a complex structure of narrative composition that is the reality; a reality that Lina Bo Bardi determined to offer us in a more friendly way to live in, all together.





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